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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, you've most likely come across FrontPoint Security. FrontPoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at some of the FrontPoint equipment and service, and see how it stacks up against other home security options ...Read Full Review

Services & Benefits

  • 100% Cellular Monitoring
  • Crash & Smash Protection
  • Phone, Email & Text Alerts
  • Remote Access, Thermostat, Light & Video Control
  • DIY Self Installation

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M-F 9am-9pm EST
Sat 10am-6pm EST
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Highly rated by many homeowners across the U.S. and with an A rating from BBB, LifeShield Security™ goes well beyond the typical home alarm system in helping you protect what matters most. Every LifeShield security system comes with FREE interactive mobile access through the secure LifeView website and FREE iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps for smartphones and tablets.
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Services & Benefits

  • Broadband or Cellular Wireless Security System
  • On The Go Mobile Access
  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Custom Text Message Alerts
  • No Activation Fees
  • Professional or DIY Self Installation

Hours of Operation

M-F 8am-12am EST
Sat 10am-8pm EST
Sun 12pm-6pm EST
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9.0 / 10
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One of the things that prevents many people from having a monitored home security system is the cost. The fact of the matter is that home security can be expensive. One security company, however, has the consumer's interests at heart, and is able to do so while still offering world-class protection. Starting at just $35.99 a month, that company is Protect America...Read Full Review

Services & Benefits

  • Cellular, Broadband & Landline Systems
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Equipment Fees
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • DIY Self Installation

Hours of Operation

M-F 9am-12am EST
Sat 9am-9pm EST
Sun 9am-7pm EST

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9.0 / 10
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The two most important factors to consider when choosing a home security system are reliability of equipment and quality of service. Our top choice, ADT Authorized Dealer - Protect Your Home, earns our highest marks for both. Protect Your Home is the number one ADT dealer in the country, using experienced installation techniques to install your system and delivering exemplary levels of service after installation....Read Full Review

Services & Benefits

  • Call Today, Installed Tomorrow!
  • Burglar, Fire & Medical Monitoring
  • May Get Up To 20% Off Homeowners Insurance
  • Wireless & Hardwired Systems
  • Professional Installation

Hours of Operation

M-F 8am-12am EST
Sat-Sun 8am-8pm EST
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8.9 / 10
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Vivint is a relatively new name in the home security system marketplace, but the solutions they provide have been around a while. Vivint used to be known as APX Alarm Security Solutions, but in 2011 they decided to seek investment funding and expand their home security business into the home control market. This has only enhanced their position in home security...Read Full Review

Services & Benefits

  • Complete Home Security & Automation System
  • Remote Electronic Door Locks
  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Remote Thermostat, Lighting, & Appliance Control
  • Free Professional Installation

Hours of Operation

M-Sun 8am-10pm EST

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FrontPoint Security Review

When the FrontPoint control panel gets a tripped alarm signal from one of the sensors, it immediately sends a secure signal via the cellular network to the monitoring center. That signal is encrypted, meaning that it's almost impossible to disrupt it. You have your choice of monitoring packages from FrontPoint. There are monitoring plans for a number of contingencies, including burglar, fire, and more. Read More...

LifeShield Security Review

Rated #1 by many new homeowners across the U.S. and with an A rating from BBB, LifeShield Security™ goes well beyond the typical home alarm system in helping you protect what matters most. Every LifeShield security system comes with FREE interactive mobile access through the secure LifeView website and FREE iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps for smartphones and tablets...Read More...

Protect America Review

Protect America also offers a full range of sensors and detectors. You can add door sensors, window sensors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, and more to your system, as well. The monitoring service provided by Protect America covers you all day, every day. If a sensor goes off, you have enough time to get to your control panel and enter your code in order to deactivate it. Read More...

Latest in Home Security | News, Interviews, Tutorials

Burglaries in Arizona | 2000lb Safe, Cell Phones, and Gangs

Burglaries are much easier to perpetrate than they are to solve once the crime occurs undetected. Law enforcement officials believe that Arizonians lose approximately $2700 with every break-in, which adds up to a yearly total of around $12 million.

Tuscon area police have a thief in their sights, and substantial evidence connecting him to the crimes, but have been unable to capture Thomas Domagala, apparently targeting homes from the Tuscon mountains to the northeastern part of the city.

Residents are getting wise to Domagala and the potential for burglaries throughout the region by installing security systems, making sure doors and windows are secured, and forming neighborhood watch groups to keep an eye on their communities.

The suspect apparently enters homes that appear unoccupied at all times of night and day, using unforced entry techniques if possible, but also forcing entry if the coast is clear. He has stolen money and jewelry as well as vehicles and home furnishings. Police suspect a connection with methamphetamine criminals in the Tuscon area.

Elsewhere in Tuscon, law enforcement detectives have worked for over a year to gain indictments against fourteen individuals connected with one hundred and four theft related crimes. Tuscon’s west side was first hit with a home invasion that occurred while the property owner was vacationing and the home unoccupied. A two thousand pound safe was stolen containing over $500,000 in (more…)

Arizona Burglary Law | Employing the Castle Doctrine

Burglary is the act of entering another’s property with the intent to commit theft or another felony.  In Arizona, burglary involves three degrees of transgression: third degree refers to entering or remaining unlawfully in or on a non-residential structure, or in a fenced commercial or residential yard; second degree burglary refers to entering or remaining in or on a residential structure with intent to commit theft or felony. And first degree burglary refers to such crimes when the perpetrator possesses deadly weapons or explosives.

Regardless of the type of burglary being undertaken, a property owner or resident is allowed in the state of Arizona to enact the Castle Doctrine in defense of that property. This legal doctrine means that a person’s home or occupied vehicle or place of work, contains certain protections that may constitute circumstances where deadly force is allowable in defense of the property.

And the use of such deadly force in self-defense can be made without (more…)

Burglaries in Arizona

A rash of burglaries in Arizona City communities highlights the importance of watchful residences as well as secure homes. Throughout the summer months and now into the fall season, there’s been an average of nineteen home burglaries each month reported in Pinal County. Police believe even more robberies have occurred during this period than yet reported, as out of state winter residents not yet in the area may also have experienced burglaries.

The community’s Citizens On Patrol neighborhood watch unit, and the Pinal County Sheriff’s office Arizona City substations are aware of a substantial rise in home invasions and burglaries over the past two years, but have been unable to put a stop to the high incidence of theft and trespassing. Theories have been raised that an actual theft ring is operating, but evidence of such a group is scant.

The thieves appear particularly bold in going after homes located in a residential area directly on a busy golf course in broad day light. A recent such break-in occurred around three o’clock in the afternoon, when the perpetrators backed a vehicle into the home’s garage after gaining access to this area. Once in the garage, they took (more…)

How To Thwart a Burglary

Homeowners in several Arizona cities managed to thwart burglaries in progress, using fast- thinking moves that paid off to protect their belongings and loved ones.

In Phoenix, at a residence near Camelback Road, a homeowner stopped a burglary attempt in progress, when he caught three suspects in the act of prying open his garage door on a Monday morning. Apparently assuming the home was unoccupied and the resident already on his way to work, the burglars were taking their time working on the door. Fortunately for the homeowner and unfortunately for the robbers, homeowner was on site. The would-be victim confronted the burglars, firing a shotgun filled with bird shot pellets at the perpetrators. One of the suspects was hit and suffered minor injuries to one leg from the pellets.

The trio of robbers left fast, fleeing the scene of their attempted crime in a car. The homeowner called police, who c (more…)

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FrontPoint Security
Call: 866-328-3023
LifeShield Security
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Protect America
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Vivint Security
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Home Security Statistics

Every 14.6 seconds, a burglary takes place in the US. 1
Average loss per burglary: $1,725. 1
Homes without security systems are about three times as likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. 1
Favorite items: cash, jewelry, electronic equipment, silver, guns and other items easy to sell. 1
1 Washington Post, 2007 (link)


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